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Ceramic Mugs Set with Serving Tray, Coffee Mugs

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    Ceramic Coffee Mugs Set with Serving Tray, Espresso or Arabic Coffee cups. Rustic ceramic pottery Pomegranate Decorated, Armenian Handmade.

    Ceramic coffee mugs and serving tray will nicely complement your coffee drinking. It is not only beautiful, but also convenient to use. The original mug is made of ecological healthy clay.

    Its volume is 100 ml.

    Cup height – approx.. 6 cm / 2.4″
    Tray dimension 25 x 12,5 cm / 9,8″ x 4.9″

    Small coffee cups will be able to cheer up on a cloudy day, the morning coffee will remain warm for longer, thanks to the unique properties of clay. A coffee cup with an original pomegranate décor, covered from the inside with colored glaze, will become your favorite utensils. Ceramic cups are made of natural eco-friendly clay and are covered from the inside with food glaze, therefore, buying cups from our online store, you can not worry about the safety of utensils and the usefulness of the drink.
    This original coffee mug formed, designed and glazed by hands and burned by traditional technology.

    Make a nice present to yourself and your coffee lovers friends. These Ceramic Coffee Mugs Set brightly decorate your home or coffee bar.

    ***Due to the nature of the handmade things, cups can not be the same, making them completely individual and one of a kind. Each piece may slightly vary in shape and size.

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    Ceramic Mugs Set with Serving Tray, Coffee Mugs
    Ceramic Mugs Set with Serving Tray, Coffee Mugs
    $ 77$ 82