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Malachite Bangle Cuff Bracelet, Sterling Silver 925

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    Malachite Bangle Cuff Bracelet, Sterling Silver 925, Minimalist Bracelet, Boho Jewelry. Armenian Handmade Jewelry, Gift for Her

    Simple and Elegant Bangle made of high quality Sterling Silver 925 decorated with Malachite stones. Elementary forms embody simplicity in fashionable sophistication.

    weight of bracelet – 7,5 gram

    Diameter round gemstone piece: 1 cm / 0.39 inch

    You will receive Malachite Bangle Cuff Bracelet in a gift box.

    Very cleverly handmade, this bangle will always look pristine and keep its form.

    Malachite known for its magical properties. The owner of this mineral is always full of strength and energy. The dark green stone restores and maintains the spiritual strength of its owner. Also, it harmonizes his outer and inner worlds, calms the mind and improves vision, thereby helping with meditation and astral travel. Malachite helps to change, to make us more open, ready to discover new things.

    Malachite is suitable for almost all zodiac signs, but it is especially well suited for signs such as Libra and Taurus.
    It gives them attractiveness and charm. This stone is strictly forbidden only for Virgo and Cancer.
    Above all, Malachite attracts the attention of men, thereby helping girls to get married. Married women with the help of this stone keep their love to themselves, avoid dirty linen with her.

    You can order an insert with another stone, contact us or leave a Note in the order.

    Find more attractive gifts in our collection Gift for Her.

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    Malachite Bangle Cuff Bracelet, Sterling Silver 925
    Malachite Bangle Cuff Bracelet, Sterling Silver 925
    $ 67