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Wide Silver Onyx Bracelet, Ethnic Style

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    Ethnic Style Wide Silver Onyx Bracelet, Sterling Silver 925, Linked Antique Style Bracelet, by using filigree technique. Armenian Handmade Jewelry, Gift for Her

    weight of bracelet – 17 gram

    Bracelet front width – 2.2 cm / 0.87 inch
    Bracelet back width – 1.5 cm / 0.6 inch
    Bracelet length – 18 cm / 7.1 inch

    You will receive Wide Silver Onyx Bracelet in a gift box.

    This exquisite bracelet is made for admirers of authentic jewelry, as a direct replica of ancient art. The master made this product, adhering strictly to the canons of ancient Armenian jewelry art.

    A filigree bracelet is a luxurious piece of jewelry worthy of the status of a jewelry masterpiece. It is made using a unique technology that craftsmen carefully protect and pass on from generation to generation. A bright product emphasizes the impeccable aesthetic taste of its owner. It has a special charm and becomes the main accent in any image. However, with its weight, the bracelet looks very elegant, as if an original fantasy embodied in metal.
    The filigree technique consists in creating an ornament by soldering together elements made of the thin wire of precious and non-precious metals. After that, the resulting lace usually soldered onto any base (soldered filigree) or form an airy pattern (openwork filigree).

    The term “filigree” itself comes from two Latin words: filum, which means “thread”, and granum – grain.

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    Wide Silver Onyx Bracelet, Ethnic Style
    Wide Silver Onyx Bracelet, Ethnic Style
    $ 79