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Pomegranate Pendant Armenian Ornament Sterling Silver 925

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    Pomegranate Pendant Armenian Ornament Sterling Silver 925, Silver chain as a gift. Armenian Handmade, Gift for Her

    Necklace in the form of pomegranate of 925 sterling silver. Pendant decorated with red Cubic Zirconia with Armenian ornament. Pomegranate symbolizes passion and hot temperament, optimism and cheerfulness. An interesting and attractive gift for women!

    height with ring – 4 cm/ 1.57″,
    width – 2 cm/ 0.79″,
    weight of pendant – 3 gram

    As a gift you will get also sterling silver chain (40 cm length)

    You will receive Pomegranate Pendant Armenian Ornament with chain in a gift box.

    Find more beautiful Pomegranate jewelry in our Pomegranate Collection.

    Symbol of eternal life

    Pomegranate with a strong and rough bark, revealing the treasures of juicy bright red seeds, is one of the oldest edible fruits. He always personified the symbols of abundance and unity of people, because of the grains located close to each other.

    Above all, the plant requires very little water and grows on all types of soil. Almost as if it were a kind of miracle and a gift of nature from dry and barren lands. The same fruit, with its sweet and juicy grains, seems to embody a symbol of prosperity in itself. It is not for nothing that it has become a symbol of wealth and fertility.

    He personified the sun among the Phoenicians, the ancient Greeks considered it a symbol of fertility, life and marriage. The Babylonians believed that the use of pomegranate seeds by soldiers before the battle made them invulnerable. Also, in ancient Egypt, the fruit was endowed with healing properties and used in funeral ceremonies, as the fruit was considered sacred and able to give a new life.

    The dark red color of the pomegranate resembles blood and vitality, and grains are a symbol of procreation. Interestingly, in one of the ancient Armenian rites, the bride smashed pomegranates against the wall, and the more the fruit crumbled, the more children predicted to the newlyweds.

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    Pomegranate Pendant Armenian Ornament Sterling Silver 925
    Pomegranate Pendant Armenian Ornament Sterling Silver 925
    $ 37