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Armenian Professional Zurna Apricot Wood in Hard Case

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    Armenian Professional Zurna Apricot Wood in Hard Case, Musical Instrument Zurna Key C, Cis, D, Gift for him

    Zurna is traditionally used in festive ceremonies and solemn processions; its bright, piercing sound is not intended for a chamber atmosphere and is usually played in the open air.
    It is a widespread ancient instrument in Armenia. The straight, gradually expanding tube has eight holes on one side and one hole on the opposite side. It is made mainly from apricot, mulberry or walnut wood. The range of zurna covers sounds from “B flat” of a small octave to “C” of the third octave. With the skill of the performer, this range can be expanded by several more sounds.
    People who play zurna are called zurnachi. Widespread instrumental ensemble of three musicians, in which one zurnachi – tired of playing the melody, other echoes long lingering sounds on the main stages of the fret. The third musician beats a complex, diverse rhythmic foundation on a varied percussion instruments – dhol, nagara or share.
    The Reed, called “Ramish” in Armenian (pronounced “rah-meesh”), is technically made up of two parts: a reed and a metal mouthpiece. The reed itself is basically the inner part of a small cane tube that has been flattened on one side in order to vibrate against itself and create a tone, while the other end connects to the metal mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is actually a conical tube and thereby acts as an adapter by allowing the small diameter of the reed’s hole size to be fitted to the larger hole diameter of the instrument itself. It should be noted that once the reed gets fitted to the metal piece, it is treated as one unit and stays attached until it wears out or splits.
    While the instrument is generally believed to have its’ origins in China, variations (along with their various names) can be found throughout Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, the Balkans, as well as in the Caucasus.

    After ordering Armenian Professional Zurna The Master will made zurna in 5-7 days.

    You can find a large selection of Armenian Duduk here.

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    Armenian Professional Zurna Apricot Wood in Hard Case
    Armenian Professional Zurna Apricot Wood in Hard Case
    $ 183