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Handmade Armenian Duduk and Flute, Apricot Wood, Ornament case

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    Handmade Armenian DUDUK Musical Instrument made from Apricot Wood in traditional fabric ornament case plus Armenian flute and a little gift.

    Want to present famous Armenian musical national woodwind instrument Duduk.
    It is great instrument for beginner musician or intermediate level, who want to enter the world of Ancient Armenian Music World.

    Handmade Armenian DUDUK handcrafted by professional Master and he tuned it in soft and clear sound in key A.
    I will send it with safely packaged professional reed and in fabric case with ethnic traditional carpet ornament.
    Also you will get Armenian cane flute and playing instruction in English.
    Plus unexpected gift….:)

    This is an unusual but great gift with originality to your friends or your colleagues.

    Duduk Sizes with reed : 43 cm
    Material: Apricot wood

    You can find a large selection of Armenian Duduk here.

    About Armenian Duduk

    Probably, there is not one person who, on hearing an unusual sound Armenian duduk, would have remained indifferent. In order to understand and feel this music, it is not necessary to be a professional. The melodies are so touching and penetration, which immediately reaches the heart.
    Duduk is the oldest Armenian musical instrument; its history dates to 1900 years. Duduk depicted in numerous Armenian chronicles of the Middle Ages. This simple-looking instrument especially loved also because its deep and lyrical sounds perfectly reflects the feelings and emotions of the residents of Armenia. And although they play the duduk in other countries of Transcaucasia, Armenia is considered its homeland.

    In Armenia, this wind instrument made of apricot tree (it is also called apricot tube). Inimitable warm and emotional sound provided two vibration reed plates, which occurs under the influence of blown air. There are only eight holes on the instrument: seven on the front side and one on the back. Despite the apparent simplicity, the instrument allows you to play in different keys.

    By the way, according to experts, the sound of the Armenian duduk is very different from the sounds of the duduk made of other materials. The sound of the Armenian duduk is quite soft and velvety, which reminds a human voice, in contrast to it, the sound of other duduks is somewhat harsh.

    Today, the Armenian duduk is quite in demand not only in its homeland. Today you can hear duduk in many world-famous films, such as Gladiator “, “The Da Vinci Code,”Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End “. Of course, unusual duduk sounds only enhance the impression of the plot.

    Many world-famous musicians invite professional duduk players to perform their compositions. Amazing sounds of the Armenian duduk allow to make any melody mesmerizing.

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    Armenian Duduk Apricot Wood
    Handmade Armenian Duduk and Flute, Apricot Wood, Ornament case
    $ 55$ 63