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Backgammon Board Set, Handmade Armenian Nardi Nardy

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    Backgammon Board Set with classical colors, simplicity of style and delicate, almost, jeweler work, make this set an invaluable acquisition for your home.

    Exclusive handmade Wood Backgammon Set with an original threaded Wheel of Eternity on the board.

    Available in two dimensions:

    Large : when open 60 cm x 60 cm – 23.6″ x 23.6″
    when closed 30 cm x 60 cm – 11.8″ x 23.6″

    Small : when open 50 cm x 50 cm – 19.7″ x 19.7″
    when closed 25 cm x 50 cm – 9.8″ x 19.7″

    Also used bronze details on backgammon.

    We can personalize Backgammon Board Set and ask to engrave a name or initials on it (absolutely free).

    1. Handmade 32 wooden chips (16 Black and 16 White)
    2. Dice set (two dices)
    3. Case, cover for backgammon


    An exciting logical, strategic backgammon game came to us from the countries of the East more than 5000 years ago. Over a long history, varieties and variants have appeared, but the general principles have remained unchanged.

    Tabletop backgammon elements

    • the game board represents the sky
    • the circular movement of chips is the movement of stars in the sky;
    • a dozen holes in each half of the playing field – the number of months in the calendar;
    • four zones of the field – seasons;
    • the total number of holes corresponds to 24 hours per day;
    • thirty checkers – the duration of the lunar month in days;
    • the sum of the opposite sides of the dice (number 7) is the number of planets of the solar system discovered at that time.

    It combines chance and carefully thought out player strategy. The ability to quickly navigate the playing field, concentrate and build an action plan turns short and long backgammon into an intellectual game that adults and children dream of buying.

    You will find more handcrafted backgammon and chess here.

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    Backgammon Board Set, Handmade Armenian Nardi Nardy
    Backgammon Board Set, Handmade Armenian Nardi Nardy
    $ 330$ 363