Set of 4 Armenian Handmade Copper Coffee Maker Arabic Coffee Pot Jezve Cezve Ibrik Turka 1, 2, 4, 6 cups


Set of 4 Armenian Handmade Coffee Pot Copper Arabic Coffee Maker Jezve Cezve Ibrik Turka
Test new ways to make the best home-brewed cup of delicious coffee.

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Set of 4 Armenian Handmade Copper Coffee Maker, Wooden Handle, Hammered  Arabic Coffee Pot, Jezve, Cezve.

Test new ways to make the best home-brewed cup of delicious coffee.

Set of classical copper jezve with a narrow throat and wide bottom. Designed for making coffee on sand, on a gas or electric stove. The coffee maker has an inner coating of food tin, which protects the copper surface from oxidation.

Capacity of coffee pots:
1 small cup – 4 oz (0.11 liter)
2 small cups – 6.25 oz (0.185 liter)
4 small cups – 12 oz (0.33 Liter)
6 small cups -14 oz (0.414 Liter)

On the Coffee maker hammered Armenian emblem (Erebuni), which will always remind you where from it comes…

Copper Coffee Maker ( Jezve) can become a remarkable gift for your coffee lovers friends or relatives.

Since ancient times it is considered that, than the coffee pot is less, that coffee is tastier and deeper. Therefore, in case of the choice of a coffee pot you proceed from calculation, how many cups do you plan to make coffee. True coffee gourmets recommend to cook each portion separately. An important role played by the form of the Jezve. The classical variant is a conical-shaped pot with a wide, thick bottom, tapering to the neck (ideally 2-3 times) and with a funnel-shaped top.

A wide bottom allows you to quickly and evenly warm up the drink. A narrow neck is an essential feature a good coffee pot, especially if you are going to make “Arabic”  or “Turkish” coffee, where coffee is ground into dust. With this grinding, the essential oils evaporate very quickly, and the foam, rising, forms in the narrow neck a kind of cork, which preserves the coffee aroma. Then, when the foam rises to the neck, the funnel above the neck of the pot will add an extra couple of seconds to you to have time to take the coffee off the fire. Certainly, the conical shape of the pot facilitates the rapid settling of coffee particles on the bottom, which makes the foam clear and without thick.

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