Wooden vases, decorated with relief carving. The master gracefully and beautifully engraved floral ornament.

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Hand Carved Natural Wooden Bowl, Fruit or Candy Vase, Rustic Style Home Decor, Armenian Handmade.

Wooden vases, decorated with relief carving. The master gracefully and beautifully engraved fruits that symbolize abundance, pomegranates and grapes. The vases coated with acrylic varnish of different colors, so you can store food in them, you can wash them with a sponge and soap. This varnish every day, every year is becoming stronger and more durable!

Dimension of vase:

Height – 13 cm / 5.1 inches
Diameter – 18 cm / 7.1 inches

Material – Walnut wood
You can order this vase in a light brown shade, just leave a Note in the order.

Such a great gift this vase will fit perfectly into the interior of a country house, because wood is one of the most eco-friendly materials. The wooden vase perfectly complements the design of the room and focuses on the natural beginning.
Wooden carved vases are a special kind of decor, as they made with the help of manual labor. Many centuries ago, people tried to make their life more comfortable and the idea of decorating and serving the table with wooden carved vases was born.
Now a wooden vase is one of the best gifts for your home. Why? The answer is simple. It does not apply to a number of standard items that everyone has. Each created vase is a small work of art that is unique.
Each of them is unique in its execution and is unlikely to have exactly the same analogues. One of the advantages of wooden vases can called their strength, because they are made of very high quality wood. Compared to glass or ceramic vases, you do not have to fear that the product will crack. Moreover, each of them has an interesting design.

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