Wooden Jewelry Box Grapes Hand Carved Jewelry Chest Storage Ring Box Gift For Her Keepsake Box , Wedding Gift Armenian Handmade L and XL size
Best Gift – Jewelry Boxes

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Wooden Jewelry Box Hand Carved Jewelry Storage, Ring Box, Gift For Her, Keepsake , Memory Box, Grapes Hand Carved Box, Wedding Gift

Dimension of Large box :
length – 13 cm / 5.11 inches
height – 5.5 cm / 2.16 inches
width- 7 cm / 2.75 inches

Dimension of Extra Large box :
length – 18 cm / 7.1 inches
height – 7.5 cm / 2.95 inches
width- 9 cm / 3.54 inches

Best Gift – Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Wooden jewelry box bring to any home naturalness, cosines and comfort, since, above all, it is a classic that never forgotten.

A skilled wood carver is able to fulfill all the customer’s desires and give joy to the customer and his close people. It is worth noting that the most glamorous are the boxes with three-dimensional woodcarvings, where exotic wood taken as the main material.
Overall surface of the box decorated with carvings in the form of grape ornament. As a material for a given art used local wood walnut.

In the old days, the storage of all the most expensive things and jewelry carried out in a very refined and original form – in the boxes. Jewelry boxes, despite past years and centuries, have reached to our times, and enjoy no less popularity. They are already available not only to affluent people, but also to anyone who wants it.

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