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Silver Bracelet Wheel of Eternity and Infinity Symbol

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    Silver Bracelet Wheel of Eternity and Infinity Sign Charm, Sterling Silver 925 Delicate Bracelet. Armenian Symbol, Handmade Armenian Jewelry, Gift for Her.

    Bracelet with two powerful symbols Armenian Wheel of Eternity and Infinity Sign is made of high-quality sterling silver (925 stamp is on the ring).

    Bracelet length – 19 cm / 7.48″
    weight of bracelet – 5 gram

    If you would like a shorter or longer version of this bracelet please contact me and I will be happy to accommodate.

    You will receive Silver Bracelet Wheel of Eternity in a gift box.
    Looks well when combined with our necklace Wheel of Eternity

    Virtually every culture has its own sign of eternity.
    In Armenia, in love with the sun, it called “arevakhach” (արևախաչ), which literally means “a solar cross” in Armenian. The sign of eternity is the national symbol and the etymology of various forms of Armenian realities. Arevakhach, as a rule, symbolizes life, fertility and fire. Depending on the direction in which the rays of the arevakhach look, either to the right or to the left. It can also represent an active or a passive beginning. Since ancient times, Armenians considered this symbol to be the most powerful of all the charms and hung it over the infant cradle.

    Infinity sign means an eternity of existence, countless and the impossibility of knowing the world.
    Also infinity is a desire to live without boundaries and limitations. Because the infinite sign itself was conceived as a symbol indicating the impossibility to indicate boundaries, numerical or quantitative measures.


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    Silver Bracelet Wheel of Eternity and Infinity Sign Charm
    Silver Bracelet Wheel of Eternity and Infinity Symbol
    $ 43