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Pendant Horse Sterling Silver 925, Horse Head Necklace

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    Pendant Horse Sterling Silver 925, Horse Head Necklace, Brutalist Necklace, Armenian Handmade Jewelry, Gift for Him, Animal Lovers Gift Idea

    weight of pendant – 30 gram
    Length 6.3 cm / 2,48 inches
    Width 2.6 cm / 1.02 inches

    The horse is an animal that has perhaps the most significant role in human history. Horses have always been faithful helpers and friends for many hundreds of generations of people, and who knows where we would be now if not for them? And even though technological progress has forced horses out of many areas of their application, this does not make them any less amazing creatures.
    The horse symbolizes intelligence, wisdom, nobility, light, dynamic strength, agility, speed of thought, the running of time.
    This is a typical symbol of fertility, courage and powerful power.
    The Horse Pendant is a symbolic gift for riders and equestrian enthusiasts.

    Your Pendant Horse Sterling Silver will come in a beautiful package, ideal for gifts or just storing your jewelry safely

    Find more beautiful jewelry in our Gift for Him Collection.

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    Pendant Horse Sterling Silver
    Pendant Horse Sterling Silver 925, Horse Head Necklace
    $ 134