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Huge Ring Grape Sterling Silver 925 with Druzy Rainbow Carborundum

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Huge Ring Grape Sterling Silver 925 with Druzy Rainbow Carborundum, Large Statement Ring, Set with Earrings, Armenian Handmade Jewelry, Gift for Her

Ring Weight – 19 gram
front width – 4,5 cm/ 1,77 inches

Silver ring with black Carborundum, on the surface of which there is an iridescent effect – colored overflows. The stone is set in a frame stylized as a leaves. The wide leaves serve as support for the stone.
Carborundum is an amazing “cosmic” stone that shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow and beckons with a brilliant shine. Strictly speaking, it is not even a mineral, but an alloy of silica and carbon; it practically does not occur on Earth, and most of the specimens were obtained in laboratory conditions. A small amount of Carborundum was found in meteorite debris, and this material is quite common in space. Natural Carborundum is born outside the solar system, near carbon-rich stellar giants, and is unlikely to ever become available to us.

Your Huge Ring Grape Sterling Silver will come in a beautiful case, ideal for gifts or just storing your jewelry safely. We will posted it in an extremely secure package to make sure its safe arrival at your door.

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  • victoriya

    Pure LUXURY ring ! ! ! ??????????????…..

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