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Wooden Puzzle Toy Animals of Artsakh

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    Wooden Puzzle Toy Animals of Artsakh, Map of Artsakh Puzzle Wooden Еducational Toy for Kids, Boys and Girls Wood Toys, Montessori Play Nontoxic Wooden Toys

    Craftsmen Karen from Artsakh made this Wooden Puzzle with love. It made from the best eco-friendly natural materials. These puzzle are handmade, naturally finished with food-grade mineral oil so it is safe for children. Sanded till a silk texture and is pleasant to play with. This toy made of different types of  hard wood  including ash, beech, oak and walnut wood . Wooden Puzzle Toy Animals of Artsakh finished with linseed oil and  beeswax.

    This toy will attract your child  for some hours. The toy will help teach your child the names of animals, who makes what sounds, where he lives and who he is friends with. Our wooden toys will help the child create his own fairy-tale world and plunge into the amazing realm of fantasy!

    Dimension: 13,4” x 16,5” / 34cm x 42cm 

    The pattern and color of the wood is unique and may differ from that shown in the photo.

    We present you an encyclopedia game with a reduced map of Artsakh (1:300000).
    The total area of Artsakh is 11,458 sq. km, the fauna of which is dominated by Central Asian-Mediterranean species. In all zones, animals include wolves, foxes, rabbits, bears, lizards, vultures, wild boars, etc. Birds include eagles, hawks, pigeons, owls, common sparrows, vultures, etc. The fauna is diverse in accordance with the climate and vegetation of Artsakh. Some species of scorpions, lizards and snakes live in semi-deserts.

    Check our Collection of Wooden Toys and Puzzles for more ideas.

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