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Armenian DUDUK Hand Painted, Apricot Wood

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Handmade Pro Armenian Duduk in Fabric Ornament Case, made from Apricot Wood, Musical Instrument Doudouk in Key A Gift for him
It is great instrument for beginner musician or intermediate level, who want to enter the world of Ancient Armenian Music World.

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    Armenian Musical Instrument DUDUK Hand painted made of Apricot Wood in traditional fabric ornament case and a little gift.

    Want to present famous Armenian musical national woodwind instrument Duduk.
    It is great instrument for beginner musician or intermediate level, who want to enter the world of Ancient Armenian Music World.

    Handcrafted by professional Master and he tuned it in soft and clear sound in key A.
    I will send it with safely packaged professional reed and in fabric case with ethnic traditional carpet ornament .
    Also you will get playing instruction in English.
    Plus unexpected gift….:)

    This is an unusual but great gift with originality to your friends or your colleagues.

    Duduk length with reed : 43 cm
    Material: Apricot wood

    You can find a large selection of Armenian Duduk here.

    About Armenian Duduk

    The Duduk is a cylindrical instrument made of apricot wood and in typically 28, 33, or 40 cm in length. It has eight or nine holes and one thumb hole, which provide a range of slightly more than one octave. The double reed, also known as ramish or yegheg in Armenian is typically 9-14 cm in length. A thin flexible wood binding that slides along the length of the reed surrounds it. This binding used for tuning the duduk as it controls the opening/ closing of the reed. The reed itself grows plentifully along the Arax River in Armenia.

    The sound of the duduk is warm, soft and has a slightly velvety nasal timbre, characterized lyricism, emotion and expressiveness.

    While other countries may use the wood from other fruit and/or nut trees when making their instruments (often plum and walnut in Georgia, for example…), in Armenia, the best wood for making duduks found to be from the apricot tree. It has come to be preferred over the years for its unique ability to resonate a sound that is unique to the Armenian duduk.

    All of the other variations of the instrument found in other countries have a very reed-like, strongly nasal sound, whereas the Armenian duduk specifically developed to produce a warm, soft tone, which is closer to a voice than to a reed.

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    Armenian DUDUK Hand Painted, Apricot Wood
    Armenian DUDUK Hand Painted, Apricot Wood
    $ 49