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Unique Chess Board Set made of Wood 3 in 1

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Exquisite handmade wood chess – is a unique product that will only be yours, because they are the only one of its kind and unique!

This board also can be used for Backgammon and Checkers (Draughts) board games.
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    Unique Chess Board Set made of wood with beautifully engraving at the borders.

    What could be better than spending an evening with books, a cup of hot tea and chess! Only half an hour of time, just a few games per evening give incomparable pleasure to both opponents. And this is one of the wonderful properties of the chess game – it can bring joy not only to winners, but also to losers. At the same time, the fact remains indisputable that the stronger the aesthetic impact of the game on a person, the more beautiful the chessboard and chess pieces.

    • Chess board sizes: open 40 cm x 40 cm and 50 cm x 50 cm
    • Board material: wood
    • Material of chess pieces: wood
    • Color: dark brown
    • Set includes: chess pieces, backgammon (or checkers ) pieces and 2 dices.

    Unique Chess Board Set contains three of the most common board games – checkers, chess and backgammon. Each of them enjoys unrelenting popularity due to its fascination and undeniable benefits for the brain. They develop strategic thinking and quick counting skills, teach them to anticipate the consequences of their moves, and train memory. All three games stored in one compact box, so they won’t take up much space at home.
    Chess pieces and checkers made of solid, properly dried wood and are therefore resistant to external mechanical stress and drying out. They are protected from moisture by a layer of varnish, which also gives them an aesthetic appeal. The kit also comes with standard cube dice. A cover is provided for storing all this. In the unfolded state, it looks like a chessboard on the outside, and on the inside a field marked out for playing backgammon.

    Find more attractive Wooden Chess Board in our collection Chess and Backgammon.

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    Unique Chess Board Set made of Wood 3 in 1
    Unique Chess Board Set made of Wood 3 in 1
    $ 308$ 396