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Tree of Life Pendant Sterling Silver 925 with Rainbow Zircons

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Silver Necklace Tree of Life with Rainbow Zircons, Silver Chain as a Gift. Armenian Handmade Jewelry, Gift for Her

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    Tree of Life Pendant with Rainbow Zircons, Silver Chain as a Gift. Armenian Handmade Jewelry, Gift for Her

    Terrific necklace in the form of Tree of Life decorated with colorful zircons made of high-quality sterling silver (925 stamp is on the ring).

    Pendant diameter – 2.2 cm / 0.9 ”
    Pendant height with ring- 3 cm / 1.2″
    weight of pendant – 1.5 gram
    As a gift you will get also sterling silver chain (40 cm length)

    You will receive Tree of Life Pendant in a gift package.

    Find more beautiful jewelry in our Gift for Her Collection.

    Three of Life

    The concept of the Tree of Life used in religion, philosophy, and mythology. It denotes the interconnection of all life on our planet and serves as a metaphor for common origin in an evolutionary sense.

    The term tree of life also used as a synonym for a sacred tree.

    The tree of knowledge connecting heaven and the underworld. And also the tree of life, connecting all forms of life, both are forms of the world tree or cosmic tree. They depicted in different religions and philosophies as one and the same tree.

    On many historical monuments and medieval monasteries of Armenia you can find images of the tree of life. Often in the context of khachkars, ornate crosses etched by hand in stone styles.

    The Tree of Life motif frequently appears on khachkars in the form of sprouting, bursting, blooming and fruit-bearing crosses. Also its presence on gravestones anticipates the resurrection of those who have passed away.

    Silver jewelry embodies grace and elegance, amazing beauty and originality. The cold sheen of silver has always been considered a symbol of style and a sign of sophisticated taste. Moreover, silver jewelry gives its owner an attractive mystery and mystery. They help to unobtrusively demonstrate your personality and sense of impeccable taste.

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