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Armenian Cross Stone, Tuff Stone Khachkar

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    Armenian Cross Stone, Tuff Stone Khachkar. Armenian Handmade Khachkar for desk.

    Khachkar made of natural stone tuff. This is imitation of Khachkar 9-th c. located in village Ayrq, Armenia.

    Height with stand – 10.4 cm / 4.1 inches

    Width of stand – 6.4 cm / 2.4 inches

    Khachkar is a medieval Armenian work of art, a memorial monument with images of crosses. Vertical stone, decorated with ornaments, the fa├žade of which is straight west. It contains the basic Christian concept of the atonement of Jesus Christ. The main element is the cross as the heavenly spiritual paradise promised by Christ and the sacrament of salvation. Above all, for Armenians, Khachkar served as an icon.

    Already in the 4th century, people used Khachkar as a separate monument or fixed it on the walls of churches. Armenians also used it to perpetuate military victories and important historical events. At the same time, cross stones were an integral part of churches, monasteries, chapels, springs, bridges and other historic buildings. They were used in cemeteries as tombstones to save the soul of a deceased person. Also important information and facts about Armenia were written on them.
    There are no two identical Khachkars in history.

    You can find more beautiful Armenian Cross Stone here.


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